Fibreglass / Rubber Roofs Ashford County Wicklow

Fiberglass and Rubber Roof Installation in Ashford County Wicklow

At ACR, we are experts in installing both fiberglass and rubber roofs. Our team can handle everything from simple shed roof covers to complex pitched solutions for house additions. We pride ourselves on completing all work on schedule and offering a quick same-day response for those in Ashford County Wicklow.

Why Choose Rubber Roofing in Ashford County Wicklow?

Rubber roofing, made of either synthetic rubber polymers or plastic polymers, is a great option for low-slope or flat roofs due to its strength, flexibility, and waterproof nature. It is commonly used for garages, sheds, and additions. However, it is often mistaken for fiberglass roofing, which requires a different application process.

Fibreglass / Rubber Roofs Ashford County Wicklow

To install rubber roofing, we follow a specific process:

  • Cutting the sheeting
  • Laying it over the building
  • Pulling it tight
  • Locking it in place behind the fascia boards on your roof

Rubber roofing is one of our top choices because it provides a more finished look and is easier to fix if needed.

Fiberglass Roofing in Ashford County Wicklow

Fiberglass roofing involves spraying the framework with a bonding adhesive and layering fiberglass on top. To ensure a strong finish, we typically roll it in until it is properly applied and repeat the process several times.

Both fiberglass and rubber roofing are budget-friendly options that are suitable for any type of roof covering. If you’re in the Ashford County Wicklow area and in need of a new roof, contact our team of professionals at 085 215 5510 for a free, no-obligation estimate. With over 30 years of experience in the roofing industry, we are confident in our ability to provide high-quality services using premium roofing materials from trusted suppliers.

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